Amazon Seller Registration at Seller Seva

Amazon Seller Registration at Seller Seva

Amazon, as we all know, is an online e-commerce platform for budding Businesses. Over the time, Amazon has increased its business seller market on its platform. Today, major resellers are modifying their traditional marketing approaches and embracing new marketing strategies. This is due to rapid advancements in the online marketplace. Since Amazon offers a massive customer base, it can help sellers to sell their products on its platform. Businesses or sellers too benefit from the huge outreach of the e-commerce platform.

Amazon offers you immense opportunities for your business growth by facilitating them with online marketing. Let us now understand the exclusive benefits offered by Amazon to its sellers.

Why must you list your products at Amazon?

Some of the definite reasons for sellers to market their products on the Amazon are listed in the following points:

  • Massive customer base of over 40 million users
  • Service provision over the entire nation’s geography
  • Brand Exposure for your products in the remotest localities
  • Full control over your merchandise, like:
  • Handling Orders
  • Cataloging
  • Product quality and more
  • Full seller support with fulfillment models
  • Effective supply chain management
  • No wastage of time, effort, and resources for running the online store
  • A user-friendly interface for an effective product sales
  • Easy payment through Amazon’s payment partner
  • Real-time data insights tools for strategic selling
  • Great customer service
  • Quick and easy returns/Exchanges/Refunds
  • Enhanced customer experience by Amazon sales
  • Carefree shipping and delivery
  • Major savings on logistics costs

Becoming an Amazon Seller @Seller Seva

As the largest e-commerce giant in the world, Amazon has successfully connected sellers and buyers on its platform across medium in a B2C model fashion. Any registered Amazon Seller can be in either manufacturing or retailing category.

Amazon Seller Registration Services @Seller Seva

Seller Seva offers the following Amazon Registration services to Businesses and Sellers alike:

  • Amazon Product Listing: Listing products to increase visibility and generate traffic on Amazon
  • Product Photoshoot: Model & Table-Top photo shoot to enrich product visuals in sales
  • Payment Reconciliation: Matching of the leaving money on account with the spent amount
  • Reviews Management: Managing reviews of your products in an effective way
  • Account Suspension: Aiding in getting your suspended Amazon account revived
  • Warehouse Services: Warehouse your products at the Amazon warehouse centers

Registration process for Amazon Seller @Seller Seva

These are the days of cashback and discounts. Customers like cashback and discounts, which is why Myntra is succeeding in picking from trading platforms. Let us understand the pre-requisites before applying for Myntra Registration:

Seller Seva requires interested sellers to follow the following process:

  1. Apply for and get business registration
  2. List your products
  3. Learn and manage the products on Amazon
  4. Ship your products on Amazon
  5. Get the Amazon Seller registration certificate

Documents Required for Amazon Seller Registration @Seller Seva

The following are the required documentation that must be submitted at the time of seller registration at Seller Seva:

  • GST Number & PAN Card
  • Address Proof
  • Letter of Authorization
  • Trademark Certificate
  • Digital Signature
  • Company Stamp
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • Current Account in a Bank

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