Who should I call for Commercial Tiling services in NSW?

Let us first understand what Commercial Tiling means. Commercial Tiling is the specialized installation of Tiles in Commercial spaces, such as the following:

  • Offices
  • Retail Stores
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • & similar Establishments

In every process of Commercial Tiling, a dedicated procedure is followed, like the following:

  • Careful selection of the Tiles
  • Quality placement, and arrangement of the Tiles
  • A functional and aesthetic setting of the Tiles on durable surfaces

A proper Commercial Tiling can serve practical as well as aesthetic purposes. It can also offer a visually appealing environment along with meeting the demands of high foot traffic as well as specific industry requirements.

Commercial Tiling in New South Wales (NSW)

If as a Corporate in Sydney, you are looking for professional Tilers to execute tiling work in your offices, then Platinum Tiling Sydney is your go-to option. Platinum Tiling prides itself on providing the highest quality workmanship.

The Commercial Wall and Floor tiling services at Platinum Tiling abide by the following standards:

  • ASOFIA Code of Ethics
  • ASOFIA Principles
  • ASOFIA Industry Standards

You can create an elegant reception area or a large kitchen space with the guidance of our Commercial Tiling experts in New South Wales (NSW). They can further enhance the functionality and appearance of your business settings.

Commercial Tiling Services at Platinum Tiling in NSW

The Commercial Tiling services in Sydney at Platinum Tiling encompass a range of tiling services to meet the diverse needs of businesses, corporations, and industries. Here, we have briefed you on the different types of Commercial Tiling services on which our Platinum Tilers hold great proficiency and expertise:

  • Commercial Floor Tiling: Platinum Tilers hold great expertise in installing tiles at the following commercial floors:
  • Reception Areas
  • Hallways
  • Lobbies
  • Retail Spaces

You can avail of different types of tiles, like porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, etc., based on the durability of the material and your aesthetic preferences.

  • Commercial Wall Tiling: Platinum Tilers provide tiles application services on interior and exterior walls for different purposes, be they decorative or functional. Wall tiling is very common for the bathrooms & kitchen spaces of commercial spaces.
  • Commercial Wet Area Tiling: Platinum Tilers render specialized tiling services for not-to-public spaces, like commercial bathrooms, shower areas, wet rooms, etc. The chosen tiles are used for water-resistant properties as well as ease of maintenance.
  • Kitchen Area Tiling: Platinum Tilers also provide solutions for commercial kitchens, restaurants, and preparation areas, as the tiles chosen are stain resistance, chemical resistance, and heavy-duty cleaning.
  • Commercial Space Tiling: At Platinum Tiling, you can also get tiling services for retail stores, malls, commercial spaces, etc., to enhance the aesthetics as well as the visual appeal of your environment. This will aid you in accommodating high foot traffic.
  • Office Space Tiling: For office spaces, you can have Platinum Tiling solutions for interiors, conference rooms, workspaces, etc., as they create a professional atmosphere and maintain practicality.
  • Industrial Tiling: At Platinum Tiling, you can subscribe to our tiling services for your industrial settings, warehouses, factories, etc. We use industrial-grade tiles which can withstand heavy equipment, chemicals, as well as industrial operations demands.

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