Mount Kenya Climbing Chogoria Route: A Lifetime Trekking Experience That You Shouldn’t Miss

If you love trekking, adventure, and nature, Mt. Kenya is the perfect destination for you. Standing like a royal sentinel, Mt. Kenya attracts thousands of adventure seekers and nature lovers every year. The second-highest peak in Africa with its diverse landscape and snow-capped summit makes trekking full of fun and experience. Climbing Mt. Kenya is a rewarding challenge for any trekker. Mount Kenya climbing Chogoria route offers a unique journey or trekking through stunning natural beauty and varied ecological areas.

Embracing Enthralling East

The Chogoria route to the summit starts from the eastern side of Mt. Kenya. It promises different landscapes and a different trekking experience. Just think of yourself at the Meru Bandas where beautiful greeneries and chirping birds refresh your mind and body. For a moment, you will get an out-of-the-world feeling. As you get on the way and start trekking with a group, tall and strong ancient cedar trees and bamboo grooves create a magical ambiance. You will be so engrossed in that mesmerizing environment that the exhaustion of the trail will not bother you. Slowly, you will reach the magnificent Gorges Valley. The road ahead will be more challenging with rough rocks and plunging gorges. Take advantage of the vast knowledge of the trekking guide of Robevin Trekking and Safari to get information about local culture and wildlife. There is no dearth of challenges and adventure in Mount Kenya climbing Chogoria route. It gives a rare scope to feel and experience nature in different forms so closely.

A tryst with the history of Mt. Kenya

Mt. Kenya is an extinct volcano. It is almost 3 million years old. It is estimated that it last erupted 2.6 million years ago. The Choghoria route to the summit unveils many incidents that have taken place naturally and man-made in this part of the world. While passing through Lake Ellis, you will find a remnant of a volcanic crater that is several million years old. It depicts the fiery history of the mountain. While trekking through the trail to Minto’s camp, you will thank Percy Minto for his great courage and spirit for paving the way for trekkers like you. Further uphill you will find Austrian Hut created in 1934 giving a glimpse of human courage and tenacity to create a shelter for the future generation of trekkers in the harsh weather.

Reaching the final destination

Mount Kenya Climbing Chogoria route ends at “Point Lenana”. It’s the third-highest peak on this mountain. Keep in mind thatr the climb is going to be a challenging one. With height, the temperature drops, and air thins. The rocky slope will test your courage and agility. However, there will be pure magic everywhere and at every turn. Seeing the mesmerizing ambiance of Lake Michaelson, you get an inner peace. The surreal sunrise and sunset will remain in your memory forever.

Robevin Trekking and Safari arranges guided trekking to Mt. Kenya. They provide all modern amenities and the best guide with every group. Cozy accommodation, good food, and refreshments from time to time will make your trekking through the twist and turns of Mt. Kenya amidst lush greenery and symphony of birdsong truly cherishing.

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