Vital Facts of Top Punjabi Restaurant in Bangkok

The Indian subcontinent is a land of many flavours. Every region in India has a definite culinary pattern and has given unique dishes and edible delights not just to the nation but to the world as a whole. The Indian north-western state of Punjab is no different. This land of five rivers has its specialities in terms of its food items which has become popular worldwide. Even if you are far away from India travelling and enjoying the Southeast Asian country Thailand, you can get the authentic taste of Punjab and North Indian dishes from the leading Punjabi Restaurant in BangkokBefore you plan to visit such a restaurant you must be aware of some vital facts of the best in the business.

Enjoy traditional taste

Whether it is a tandoori chicken, a delicious creamy butter chicken, or some fragrant soft paratha or naan, you will always taste the authentic taste of India at Mama Restaurant, the Punjabi restaurant in Bangkok. The master chefs like Balbir Singh (Mama) not only use some of the best ingredients for their culinary preparations but also replicate the traditional cooking procedures as done in Punjab. Smell the aromatic charcoal grill in all the tandoor kebab items, enjoy the tangy pudina imli water for the pani puri, and the rich daal makhani made with authentic Indian spices. 

It is not just about food

The popular Punjabi Restaurant in Bangkok is more than just the food they offer to their guests, it’s also about satisfaction. These restaurants try to create a piece of India for their guests. Everything about the restaurant will give you a peek into the Indian culture, heritage, and way of life. The interior décor, the attire of the waiters, their hospitality, the music in the restaurant – everything will be a reflection of India and the state of Punjab.

Try thaali combinations

Punjabi food has a wide variety. You can get both vegan and non-vegetarian delights on the menu. Punjabi dishes are popular for their robust flavours and exclusive tastes. Characterized by the generous use of clarified butter (ghee), fresh and aromatic spices, and a variety of breads loke naan and roti, Punjabi dishes are always special and satisfying. What could be more satisfying when you get the opportunity to relish Punjabi dishes in a Punjabi restaurant prepared under the supervision of a highly experienced Punjabi chef?

Often it is not feasible for new food enthusiasts to try all the signature dishes of the restaurant. In such a situation opt for the specially curated thaali combinations from the restaurant. These thalis have a mixture of some of the most delicious and popular Punjabi dishes. Enjoy kebabs, parathas, biriyani, vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries, desserts, buttermilk etc. 

You are eating wholesome nutrition

One thing you must always remember while devouring delicious delicacies in renowned Punjabi Restaurant in Bangkok like Mama Restaurant is that these restaurants and their chefs use some of the best, freshest, natural ingredients to stir lip-smacking dishes every time for their patrons. 

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