Adrak Elaichi Chai: Sip Energy Sip Happiness

Tea is extremely popular in India. It is also the most-consumed beverage in the country. India is a top producer of tea in the world. Though tea is exported in all parts of the world, the maximum production of tea is consumed domestically. In different parts of the country, different qualities of tea are produced and some of them are world-famous such as Darjeeling tea and Assam tea. Most interestingly, in India, the demand for “masala chai” is quite high. People here love to drink a hot cup of Adrak Elaichi Chai. Masala Chai is available everywhere from Delhi to Mumbai and Imphal to Ahmedabad.

Instant Tea is the Fastest Way to Prepare Tea

Instant tea is a type of tea that is formulated to dissolve quickly in water and provide instant tea beverages without any need for brewing or straining. Instant tea manufacturers have virtually revolutionized the concept of preparing tea. When you want to drink tea especially at odd hours or in an odd place, this instant tea becomes your savior. You don’t need anything except a hot cup of water. Fit Tea is one such example of instant tea that is available in the market in different quantities.

What is Adrak Elaichi Chai?

Tea prepared with Adrak and Elaichi is a category of masala chai extremely popular in India. “Adrak” refers to ginger which is the key ingredient in this tea. “Elaichi” means cardamom which is another primary ingredient in this tea. Both ginger and cardamom are popular spices in India frequently used in preparing different dishes in this country. In tea, they bring a heavenly taste while providing lots of health benefits.

In the preparation of Adrak Elaichi Chai, the best quality tea is mixed with milk and boiled for some time till the milk becomes a bit creamy. Sugar is added as per the requirements of the drinkers. During the process, ginger and cardamom are added to the milk and tea. After some time as the milk turns tan color or light brown. It is then stained and served hot in cups or glasses. In many parts of India, tea is served in earthen containers called “bhar”. This masala chai tastes extremely good.

But, now this same tea is available in instant mix. My Fit Food offers this tasty and energetic tea instant mix that you can drink any time anywhere – you just need a pouch of this tea and hot water.

Why Masala Chai is So Popular in India?

Masala chai is a spiced tea beverage that originated and popularized in India. Now, it is available Globally and getting more popular day by day. People love its taste and aroma. There are several reasons behind its ever-increasing popularity in India:

  • The blend of spices used in masala chai creates a flavored and tasty tea such as Adrak Elaichi Chai. It is warm, aromatic, and energetic. The tea is now available in instant sachets which means just mix in hot water and relish. Its creamy and aromatic treat makes people delighted.
  • Drinking tea is a part and parcel of Indian culture. Masala chai is one of the most traditional tea beverages in India. drinking tea 3-4 times a day is quite common here and masala chai is their hot favorite.
  • Masala chain has plenty of health benefits as well. Everyone knows the health benefits of ginger and cardamom that are used in Adrak Elaichi Chai.

Fit Tea of Fit Food has been marketing instant masala chai in different quantities such as 10G sachets, 250G sachets, and 1 Kg packets. You can order online and get the ordered products delivered to your address.

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