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Let us first understand what is meant by Waterproofing. Waterproofing is the generic procedure to make a structure waterproof or water-resistant. This is done so that the structure remains relatively unaffected by water. The waterproofing mechanism also resists any ingress of water from various conditions. You can waterproof items used in wet environments or underwater but only to specified depths. Here, the specific purpose of waterproofing in Sydney is to make house structures water-resistant from any natural or otherwise events. 

Types of Waterproofing Arrangements in Sydney

Having comprehended a little about waterproofing, let us categorize the underlying mechanisms as per the waterproofing industry standards. We can classify below-ground waterproofing into the following types:


The tanking mechanism is used where the underground structure is sitting in the water table periodically, causing hydrostatic pressure on the membrane as well as the structure of a construction. Tanking fully encapsulates the basement structure in a tanking membrane using slabs and walls.

Damp Proofing

Damp Proofing is used where the water table is lower than the construction’s structure with good free-draining fill. The damping membrane sheds the water. Here, the ingression of water vapor takes place with no hydrostatic pressure.

Here, we incorporate a Damp Proof Membrane or DPM to the walls with polythene DPM under the slab. You can use a higher-grade DPM for protection against short-term Hydrostatic pressure by transitioning the high-quality DPM to the slab polythene but under the footing rather than at the footing face.


You can waterproof by applying protective cases to electronic devices with newer technologies enabled for various waterproof smartphones and tablets. Nano-textured surfaces using cone shapes produce highly water-repellent surfaces for smartphones. These nanocone textures are termed super-hydrophobic.

Seepage Waterproofing

Buildings with earth sheltering can trap too much humidity within themselves which can become a problem. Hence, waterproofing becomes critical. If left unchecked, water seepage can cause significant damage and air quality issues with mold growth. Here, we can employ seepage waterproofing to properly waterproof foundation walls from further deteriorating seepage.

Waterproofing in Sydney at Platinum Tiling

With knowing a ton about waterproofing, now the question is where can one avail of the best waterproofing services in Sydney? For the services of the highest standards, you can always subscribe to the Platinum Tiling waterproofing services. Your waterproofing requirements will not only be met with Australian standards but even exceed those standards.

Waterproofing without Platinum Tiling

A lot of tilers and waterproofers take dangerous shortcuts in their waterproofing procedures which can lead to the membrane failing within a few years. A bad surface preparation along with wrong products and assumptive tradesmen collectively become a recipe for disaster.

Waterproofing with Platinum Tiling

Platinum Tiling has over ten years of industry experience in waterproofing and has taken it to a new level. We specialize in both new and remedial work. Our process is ensured to be right the first time with a basic guide but each project can vary accordingly.

  • Cut back and grind concrete with a grinding tool.
  • Vacuum, clean, and acid wash the surface. Then, wash the surface with clean water.
  • After heat drying the surface, install the following:
    • Polyurethane Bond Breakers
    • Coat of Primer
    • Coats of High Flexibility Waterproof

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