Birding Safaris in Uganda: Something You May Not Have Experienced Before

Birds are amazing and in our present environmental situation, we do not get the opportunity to see many of them flapping around. According to some studies, birdwatching plays a crucial role in connecting people and nature. Africa has an abundance of birding opportunities for every bird lover. The birding destination of Uganda is considered a “birder’s heaven” with a notable number of destinations for birding safari. Many tourists choose birding safaris in Uganda. You can find numerous birds of a vast range of species everywhere in Uganda. Shoebill stork, African Fish Eagle, African Green Broadbill, Great Bill Turaco, and several other birds are sure to catch your attention. One of the important destinations Bwindi forest has been recognized as the most popular and topmost spot for watching birds. 

Different tour packages of Birding Safaris in Uganda       

Birding Safaris in Uganda offer opportunities for tourists to observe birds in the rain forests of Uganda and other major spots of birding safaris. One of the most significant factors of birding safaris is the guide, who must be experienced and knowledgeable and can provide you with sound know-how about the birds, the flora and fauna in which the birds live, and more. For getting a top-quality experience of a birding safari in different areas of Uganda a reliable tour operator should be selected. There are various tour packages for Birding Safaris in Uganda but below are some common and popular tour packages that can be availed for an amazing experience:

3 Days Forest Birding

This beautiful birding safari package is designed within a limited time frame but with exploring distinct birdwatching spots. This safari begins with exploring Kibale forest national park which can make an unforgettable experience of forest birding in Africa. The vast range of species that can be observed in the Kibale forest is grey parrots, the African goshawk, the majestic crowned eagle, the masked apali, and many more. Apart from that you will be offered delicious lunch in between the forest and observe birds like papyrus canary, rare shoebill, brown-headed Tchagra, mosque swallow, and many more in the amazing wetland of Bigodi Swamp.

4 Days savannah Birding Safari

This tour package of 4 days includes a birding safari in the Murchison falls national park. This birding safari in the savannah land offers you the opportunity of reaching the top of the falls and enjoying the serene beauty of nature where the Nile River flows through a narrow separated way and falls at a distance of 150 meters while producing a roaring sound of white water. You can enjoy observing beautiful birds like Chest-nut sparrow weaver, Red-winged grey warbler, chestnut crowned owls, and Pel’s Fletcher.

7 days Uganda Birding Safari

This entire tour package includes two very important places for birdwatching and they are Bwindi forest and Queen Elizabeth national park. The first spot is famous for the highest concentration of birds and the latter one is arguably the most popular and best sport of bird watching all over the world. 

Apart from the above-mentioned tour packages, you can customize your own birding safaris for 9 days, 10 days, 15 days, and 22 days as well. Watching birds that you may not see elsewhere in the world is going to be a lifetime experience for you. Whether it is Queen Elizabeth national park, Bwindi national park, Kibale forest national park, Murchison falls national park, or Lake Mbura national park, there is no dearth of natural beauty and beautiful birds.

End Note

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