What is Special about Gajak and How to Buy Gajak Online?

Buy Gajak Online

India is popular all across the globe for its wide-ranging variations of food. When people visit it, they get countless traditional sweet shops and they are located in all lanes as well as bylanes. These shops remain engaged in selling various mouthwatering desserts and that too at reasonable prices. When you are longing for an ideal crunchy bite of sweetness, you must not look beyond Gajak.

People love to buy gajak online as it is a well-known textured and crispy dessert that is prepared from peanuts, jaggery, or sesame seeds. If you cook jaggery for a long time, you will get hardened gajak whereas when it is cooked for a short period, the gajak emerges as soft. Besides these ingredients while preparing gajak some dry fruits like pistachios, walnuts, almonds, and cashews are used. They too are vital elements of the general recipe of gajak.

The evolution of gajak

Gajak is existent since the time of the Mughals and at that period, many kinds of Hindu dynasties utilized chana, gur, and til for their horses and soldiers and they worked as a vital source of energy and nourishment during the war. However, because gajak comprised higher nutritional value, countless commoners too started utilizing the same components to prepare this sweet. In this way, a simple and modest recipe turned into a vital part of the exquisite culinary legacy of India.

The variations

According to the region where gajak is prepared, you will find it to be having several variations. Commonly it is prepared in the shapes of balls and they are called laddus. The method of preparing gajaks differs a lot as some prefer to use sugar in place of jaggery. Again, some use peanuts rather than sesame. Today, you will find humble gajaks too and they are obtainable in various flavors and all of them seem to be enticing. Some well-known varieties are dry fruits, peanuts, rolls, cashews, and classic gajaks.

Pros of consuming gajak

People eat gajak for deriving its several benefits:

  • Gajak makes the bone stronger – As gajak is prepared by mixing sesame and jaggery it is rich in calcium and it helps in strengthening your bones.
  • Controls the levels of blood pressure – Gajak also comprises sesame seeds and they contain sesamolin in huge quantities and it assists in controlling blood pressure levels.
  • Makes people energetic – Gajak is prepared from sesame seeds and jaggery, so it proposes energy to a person’s body. Additionally, it averts fatigue.
  • Improved digestion – As gajak comprises fibre in good amounts, when people consume it, their digestion improves. Besides this feature, gajak also helps in treating constipation and gas issues.

Buy Gajak online

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