Buy Shisha Coal Online for the Great Hookah Experience

Hookah coal, often known as Shisha coal, is one of the most basic even though a necessary ingredient to a good hookah or Shisha. These colas are the heating element that the tobacco needs to prepare as well as produce both clouds and flavor. So here in this blog, we will give you some info about the two main types of hookah or Shisha coals along with the different methods on how to light them, which will not only help you buy Shisha coal online from an authentic seller but also help you go ahead if you are new in smoking hookah. 

Let’s discuss the two main types of hookah. One is light coals, and the other is coconut coals. We will tell you the use and benefits of these two different colas by which you will be able to buy Shisha coal online at the best price. So let’s go ahead. 

Quick Light Coal 

When we talk about quick light coal, the name itself says what it is. Yes, it is quick light fast because of its acceleration added to the outer layer of the coal. Hookah lovers typically use this type of cola when in a pinch because they could easily be lit with a simple lighter. 

Coconut Coal 

Now coming to the coconut coal, which has become the standard industry coal and is the main focus of today’s blog. Coconut coal is made from the ground-up coconut shells and does a world of good for your hookah session. This type of coal takes longer to light but it is much longer lasting. 

The best thing is – coconut coal produces minimal ash and does not add any taste to your bowl, which means you, therefore, give you the cleanest flavor possible in the time you smoke. Actually, coconut coal is great value for the longevity of your session and at most just a few bucks more than quick light colas. Eventually, you will experience something better while smoking. 

How to transport your Lit coal? 

This is an important question – how to transport your lit coal? Actually, properly handling lit coal is an essential, even overlooked part of smoking hookah. You need to be careful with your coal whilst it is hot as it can ruin your floor, rug, bed, or couch, or anywhere you are sitting or standing and smoking it.

Ideally, you should opt to put your coals on your bowl over your burner so that there is little room for the wrong whilst moving your hot coals. Whether you transport the Shisha coals some distance, make sure to use either a good pair of Shisha tongs or a coal carrier. It would be better if you can use a tray from the pipe if it is removable. 

And that is it! 

We hope we have given you the right information and going forward it will help you buy Shisha coal online at the best price because when you understand why you need it and which one you need, you will be able to choose the right one. Following and understanding the guidelines, better to say information we have shared here with you will ensure a quality smoking session.

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