Eco Solvent Printing: What It is and How Does It Help?

The printing technology is progressing beyond the boundaries, so today; you can print everything within some fractions of time while maintaining the same quality and accuracy of the printing. It has become possible because of the availability of several printing options, and one of them is eco solvent printing. This kind of printing uses biodegradable solvents for printing various materials. Most people prefer this kind of printing as it provides superb print quality and also lessens environmental impact. Eco-solvent is considered an environmentally-safe printing process that is commonly used for indoor applications. The chief thing is eco-solvent printing doesn’t comprise any harmful additives and it is biodegradable too.

The eco-solvent printing is commonly linked with a slight suspension of the colors when they are softened in biodegradable solvents. Some machines that specify these types of inks are acknowledged to print various prints with the best resolution. These ink heads possess a nozzle that sprays colors as the size of ten picolitres or droplets. So, it goes without saying that when the size of the droplets is smaller, the print quality tends to be superior.

Applications of Eco-solvent Printing

Some well-known applications for eco-solvent printing are banners, signs, graphics, vehicle wraps, die-cut labels, backlit, wall graphics, heat transfer graphics, and decals. People prefer to use eco-solvent printing for permanent applications. Recently, eco-solvent printers are getting hugely popular among graphic designers, business owners, and for home use also because of their capability to create vibrant prints at moderate costs.

Benefits of Eco-solvent Printing

Healthier and safer – Eco-solvent inks are different from solvent-based printing as the latter releases harmful volatile organic compounds into the air. This is the chief reason, workers prefer the former.

Cost-effective solution – Eco-solvent printing tends to be more a versatile and cost-effective option than customary printing methods as it utilizes less ink and less energy to dry. Again, eco-solvent prints also emerge as more resistant to fading and durable. Due to this feature; they are used for outdoor applications.

Less energy for operating – Eco-solvent printers need less energy for operating. This, in turn, lessens their environmental footprint. Though the technology of eco-solvent printing is pretty new, it is gaining huge popularity because of its several advantages.

Eco-solvent inks are created from renewable resources; hence, they possess a low carbon footprint in comparison to customary petroleum-based inks. Eco solvent printing tends to be ecologically safe and used for various indoor tasks and applications. Due to this, it turns into a superb choice for businesses and homes that look forward to lessening their environmental effect. However, for this kind of environment-friendly printing you can trust only renowned printing services like Lakshya Signages only. Contact them for a professionally rendered eco solvent printing signages for your  organization.

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