Story of Ginger Garlic Paste: The Popular Indian Condiment

Ginger is one of the most common spices in Indian and several South and East Asian cuisines. Ginger is aromatic and makes various food items tasty. Its exclusive aroma makes a curry or recipe appetizing and enticing. On the other hand, garlic also has wide importance in various cooked food items. It helps to enhance the taste of the food items, develop nice aromas in combination with other spices, and possess multiple health benefits like ginger.

To make ginger easily usable in the recipes some of the top spice makers and suppliers have come up with ginger garlic paste.

A survey found that ginger garlic paste is the most popular condiment in India, with over 80% of households using it regularly. It is also popular in other Asian countries, such as China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Let’s explore more about this aromatic paste through this blog. 

What is Ginger-Garlic Paste?

This paste is a mixture of fresh ginger root and garlic cloves. It is typically crushed or blended to create a smooth, aromatic paste. Because of its beautiful aroma and spicy taste, it has become a common cooking ingredient for Indian kitchens.

You can make this mixture on your own. Instead, you can also buy packaged garlic ginger paste.

Health Benefits of Ginger Garlic Paste

This most popular Indian kitchen’s ingredient has also several health benefits. Such as-

  • It is an excellent source of antioxidants.
  • Protects cells from internal damage.
  • Helps in digestion.
  • It also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which strengthen our body to combat bacteria and viruses.

Uses of Ginger Garlic Pastes

You can use Garlic paste in the following Recipes-

  • Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Curry  
  • Soup
  • Stir-fry
  • chutneys

In addition, Ginger paste can be used as a condiment on its own. It is often served with bread, rice, or noodles.

Cooking Hacks

During adding this mixture to your dishes, keep in mind that a small quantity can make a significant difference. Therefore, begin with a small amount and increase the amount according to your preferred taste.

Additionally, consider frying the paste briefly in oil to mellow its pungency and enhance its flavor before adding other ingredients.

Tips to buy Garlic paste

As already mentioned, to save time on peeling and grinding, you can conveniently purchase it in a packet, just like you would with tomato sauce. However, multiple dishonest businessmen sell duplicate ginger garlic paste; be aware of that. Here are some tips to buy the genuine product-

  • Always buy from a reputed brand. Those brands always use fresh and good quality garlic and ginger for making the paste.
  • Avoid products that contain excessive amounts of preservatives.
  • Read the preparation procedure for the paste, which you can find behind the packet.

Final Thoughts

In the world of cooking, small additions can make a big difference. Ginger paste is a prime example of how two simple ingredients can enhance the taste and aroma of your favorite dishes.

Order your ginger garlic paste from the online store of KINGS CRISPY ONIONS and experience the difference in your favorite dishes! Happy cooking.  

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