How Can You Apply for IRCTC Agent Id and What Are Its Advantages?

Do you want to become an authorized IRCTC agent? Do you know the benefits of being an IRCTC-authorized agent?

IRCTC is the official catering & tourism partner of the Indian Railways which is one of the biggest Indian organizations. Based on official data, above six lakhs e-tickets get booked on the portal of IRCTC regularly. For making things more effective and accessible, IRCTD provides licenses to its authorized partners to sell tickets. Again, IRCTC also proposes agentship for booking railway tickets and they happen to be aligned with some terms and conditions. Nonetheless, it is not an easy task to turn into an authorized IRCTC agent. So, before you apply for IRCTC agent ID, you must be aware of every minute detail.

The important documents

You will need some documents for turning into an IRCTC agent:

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Photo
  • Email ID – This ID would be utilized for verification and your email ID must have been recorded with IRCTC
  • Mobile Number – Your mobile number would be useful for verification purposes. Again, your mobile number too must have been recorded with IRCTC

Difference between IRCTC agent ID and personal ID

Some factors that make IRCTC agent ID different from individual ID are:

  • The number of ticket bookings that are allowed – A personal user can book only six rail reservations in a calendar month but IRCTC agents can book a limitless number of tickets every day through his or her ID. This includes all kinds of tickets available from IRCTC.
  • Subscription fee – When personal users join the IRCTC portal they are not required to pay a subscription or joining fee as they can form an account and begin to book tickets. But agents are required to pay a yearly fee to IRCTC. In the initial year, they need to pay Rs. 6999 as an enrolment fee. And after this year, they need to pay a yearly subscription fee. By contacting SiOnline, you can get the complete detail.
  • The required documents – Before you apply for IRCTC agent ID, you need to be aware of every document you need to have for turning into an agent, and these documents are your Mobile Number, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, a recent color photograph, and your email ID. When you book tickets from your user ID on IRCTC, you must not have any documents. For creating an IRCTC account, you need to provide your name, email ID, mobile number, gender, etc. only.
  • The process of activation – When you submit your registration form, you might wish to know the activation process of the IRCTC agent. When officials make full-length verification, the IRCTC agent ID gets generated. Initially, the registration and application form is received besides the subscription fees. And then only online KYC is done. And after this, a login certificate of the IRCTC agent is generated before the user receives it.
  • Different complementary services – IRCTC proposes many services besides ticket bookings of trains. The agents of IRCTC receive many complementary services, such as bus booking, flight booking, money transfer, hotel booking, DTH or mobile recharge, holiday packing booking, etc. IRCTC regularly arrange package tours to different destination in India and outside. You can offer these tour packages as well.

The final Words

You can apply for IRCTC agent ID anytime throughout the year. No matter whether a person is involved in a part-time job or full-time job, they can take a break and turn into an IRCTC agent. This job is a profitable and rewarding home-based business. So, everyone can get involved in this job anytime according to his or her convenience. With your IRCTC agency through SiOnline, you can use their platform to provide several other services to your customers.

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