Online Marriage Predictions by Date of Birth in India

The information on the date of birth is the backbone of astrological consultation and predictions. The date of birth along with the place of birth tells a lot about the basic characteristics of a person and what is going to happen in his or her life. In any astrological predictions and most importantly in making “Kundli” the date of birth is a must. Since marriage is an important part of an individual’s life, the astrologer you are consulting will ask for your date of birth for sure. Today, online marriage prediction by date of birth in India has become possible with advanced digital technology. People are consulting the most experienced and respected astrologers online for marriage and all other major decisions.

Importance of Date of Birth in Marriage

Astrology is a science that correlates all kinds of events on Earth with the movements of celestial bodies like stars and planets. An astrologer needs to understand the positions of stars and planets at the time of birth that influence the life and future of an individual. The date of birth is not required to form the “Kundli” but also for the major predictions of an individual’s life like marriage and career. In the absence of this data, it becomes tougher for astrologers to work on different aspects of life including marriage.

With the online marriage prediction by date of birth in India, you will be able to get complete information on your pre and post-marriage life. Experienced astrologers provide all the necessary recommendations for a better and smoother marriage life.

Importance of Date of Birth in Astrological Consultations

Based on birth date, astrology defines 12 zodiac signs each representing a specific period such as Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Saggiterious, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

The date of birth helps astrologers in numerous ways:

  • Dasha predictions
  • Sade sati details
  • Influence of planets
  • Nakshatra Phal
  • Varshaphal

Certain positions of auspicious planets lead to early marriage while certain positions of inauspicious planets cause a delay in marriage. For example, if Moon or Mercury is positioned in the seventh house, you will get married at a very early age like within 20-23 years but if Jupiter is positioned in the 7th place then your marriage may happen between 24-26 years. With the help of top astrological consultants at Perfect Astrology Solutions and online marriage prediction by date of birth in India, you can get all recommendations and guidance for pre- and post-marriage aspects and issues.

What Kinds of Marriage-related Consultations Are Possible With the Best Astrologers?

Astrology can speak in length and breadth on different facets of married life. Starting from the perfect match and time for marriage to marriage life issues can be solved with the help of experienced astrologers. Moreover, the recommendations of Perfect Astro Solutions include precautions to be taken before marriage, remedies before marriage, and remedies after marriage. Follow them for a happy married life.

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