Tips to Maintain Raw Cambodian Curly Wave

Raw Cambodian Curly Wave

Whenever it comes to talking about thick and natural-looking textured hair, it is always recommended to go with Cambodian hair. What makes this type of hair special is its natural-looking thick yet lightweight texture. It makes hair blend with all hair types. If you want soft waves, medium-low luster along with unidirectional aligned cuticles, then you can go for Raw Cambodian curly waves. 

Curly hair extensions of Cambodian origin are different from other hair extensions in this category. This is one of the highest-selling hair quality in the world. Needless to say, its demand in the UK is always high. The good news is that natural hair extensions including Cambodian curly hair are now available online.

How to maintain Curly Weave Hair?

To maintain raw Cambodian curly wave hair, follow the below section.

Choose Shampoo Wisely

If you are making any routine to take care of your hair, you should know that washing hair is the crucial part. Washing the extensions properly guarantees there will not be any remaining abundance of oil, and residue. 

You can use a gentle cleanser liberated from sulfates, silicones, alcohol, and parabens. While sulfates are mainly used for washing, parabens work as additives in hair care products. So, if you want to maintain your curly hair, you need to pick the shampoo wisely.

Keep curly weave away from using extra Shampoo

This type of hair can be dry without any issues. If you shampoo your hair unnecessarily, your hair can get sucked out of its normal dampness. So, you should look for saturating fixings in your conditioner. Molding secures your hair and skin. 

Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Applying the Pre-cleanser treatment ensures that it will detangle frizz from the hair. Hence, try to use a hair cover or molding oil to dry hair. Then, you need to leave these in a conditioner for twenty minutes. If necessary, wear a cloth or a towel for trapping some warmth & opening up the fingernail skin. You can penetrate your hair using the conditioner also.

Never Brush Wet Curly Hair

Before using shampoo on your Raw Cambodian curly wave hair, use a wide-toothed brush. Once you wash your hair, you should run your hand through your hair. Ensure that you don’t use a brush on your wet curly hair.  

Use A Very Wide-toothed Comb

 If you are willing to remove the knot in your hair weave, you should use a wide-toothed brush. Prevent the bunches by brushing your hair from base to up.

End note

Elleloise Hair offers top-quality Raw Cambodian curly wave hair that doesn’t cause any damage to the natural hair. You can put on this kind of hair extension easily. The company ensures that these hair extensions will last for a long period. The company makes these hair extensions from 100% raw & unaltered hair from a human donor and doesn’t use any synthetic hair. You can order Raw Cambodian S.E.A wave, Raw Cambodian curly frontal, Raw Cambodian natural wavy hair, and many other qualities online on Elleloise Hair.

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