What is 20mpa Ready Mix Concrete? How to Get It at the Project Site?

Ready mix concrete or RMC is an inevitable part of construction both for residential as well as commercial purposes. This is basically a customized concrete mix that is formulated and prepared within a batching plant or a factory and directly delivered to the work site for instant use. This product can be customized since the ratio of the ingredients can be modified as per the given instructions and requirements of the clients. This extremely useful ready-mix concrete is delivered to the plant within a transit mixer arranged over a truck. By 20mpa ready mix concreteit means the overall strength of the concrete is 20. The amount of cement required for 20mpa ready mix concrete entirely depends on the amount of concrete required for the project. If you need the same ready-mix concrete for your project then choosing a reputable manufacturer would be the wisest decision. 

Types of Ready-mix Concrete

There are three common types of 20mpa ready mix concrete available in the market and the following are briefly mentioned below:

  • Transit-mixed concrete: This type of ready mix concrete contains the basic components along with water poured directly into the mixer drum of the truck. While loading the materials, the mixer drum gets rotated very fast at charging speed, and thereafter rotates at a usual agitating speed. Three types of customization are possible in this type of ready-mix concrete that includes mixing concrete at the plant, mixing concrete in the yard, and mixing concrete in transit.
  • Shrink mixed concrete: This type of concrete is formulated by mixing the components parts in the mixer of the plant and the remaining part is mixed in the mixer drum of the truck during transportation. The amount of mixing in transit depends on the mixing prepared in the plant mixer. Tests are done for determining the extent of mixing in the drum mixer.
  • Central mixed concrete: This is another type of ready-mix concrete that is manufactured in the central batching plant where the concrete gets entirely mixed before pouring them into a truck mixer. The plant can be referred to as a wet batch or pre-mix plant. The truck mixer acts as an agitator while delivering the concrete and when the requirement of workability is low, non-agitating units can be used.

All Readymix offers quality 20mpa ready mix and different other ready mix concretes as per your specifications. They will manufacture the concrete in the batch plant and directly deliver to the project site. This is hugely advantageous for any ongoing project.

End Note

20mpa ready mix concrete is an incredibly popular construction material and it has become the ideal choice for contractors. It is frequently used in manufacturing concrete slabs for heavy use in foot traffic areas like footpaths, driveways, and footings. So, if you want the requirement of this ready-mix concrete then contacting one of the top manufacturers like All Readymix should be your ultimate choice.

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