Aerial Yoga Retreat – A Perfect Yoga Program for Newcomers and Seasoned Practitioners

Aerial yoga is a beautiful addition to yoga that increases core strength and focuses on pulling action which is generally missing in the traditional yoga practice. In this specific yoga style, poses are practiced in an exciting manner that strengthens the body, increases control and grace, leads to proper alignment, and results in the relaxation of deep muscles and fascia. This yoga program not just helps in releasing tension but also in building self-confidence. If you are interested in learning this style of yoga, then the Aerial Yoga Retreat program offered by India Yoga School in Goa will perfectly meet your requirements.   

The Aerial Yoga Retreat program offered by India Yoga School in Goa is a 7-day residential program organized at the beautiful lush green campus. The classes are conducted by a trained and experienced instructor having sound knowledge and skill in aerial yoga style. This yoga program is ideal for both newcomers and seasoned practitioners who can join this program to learn the specific aerial asana for self-practice or to become a competent instructor of aerial yoga. The India Yoga School in Goa conducts aerial yoga classes in a natural environment surrounded by lush green hills and is in close proximity to Mandrem Beach, Goa.

The aerial retreat program is led by caring enthusiastic yoga instructors who guide and support you throughout the program. This school is an ideal place of learning where you can focus and learn aerial yoga poses from experienced and knowledgeable teachers. Joining this aerial yoga program you will learn different yoga poses for warm-up focusing on breathing and centering, poses for cool down along with poses that will target relaxation and flexibility. Joining this program will help you learn and master aerial yoga poses in the stunning paradise of Goa. Practicing aerial yoga will help you dive into new realms of possibility in your mind and body and will leave you energized and feeling good.

Following are the benefits of Aerial Yoga

Performed using a hammock that is hung from the top of the roof and is a meter above the ground, aerial yoga helps you quickly acquire strength and flexibility. This style of yoga is ideal for long-time sitters and individuals suffering from back pain. Some of the major benefits of learning and practicing this style of yoga include:

Makes you Strong – Aerial yoga engages all muscles resulting in strengthening muscles and making joints flexible. This style of yoga is highly effective for core and upper body strength.

Overcome Fear and Builds Confidence – Performing a headstand in the air is exciting as well as scary. If you are successful in doing it, then this will certainly help you build confidence and will also help you overcome your fear.

Natural Healer of Problems – This style of yoga aligns the body & centers your mind, as while performing asana you should be free from all distractions and everyday worries. While performing this aerial yoga you need focus and attention so you get relieved from stress and mental problems.

Complete Body Workout – Aerial yoga poses engage all body muscles and joints and this inversion therapy helps decompress the spine and regenerates the body. This style of yoga works on every body part and is hence considered a complete body workout.

Reduces Excess Body Fat – It is an inversion form of therapy that involves twisting, turning, and holding the body in different positions resulting in excessive sweating. This helps in reducing excess body fat and helps you stay fit and healthy.

On joining the Aerial Yoga Retreat program, you will begin your day with an energizing aerial yoga practice using the aerial hammock that helps you in deep stretching and strengthening exercises. The classes are followed by pranayama and meditation that deepen the mind-body connection. In this program, you will also get to experience sightseeing and know about the local culture, temples, and cuisines. On successful completion of the course, you can become an aerial yoga teacher or instructor and can spread the aerial yoga style to innumerable other students across India.

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