Tips to Buy Pre-mix Concrete From the Supplier

Concrete is a highly essential part of construction and the process of ordering premixed concrete is the simplest and most cost-effective way to ensure that the project goes without hindrances. Ready-mix concrete such as Leduc ready mix can help in saving you time and money on materials and labor. But in case you want to make this ordering process easier, some factors to be considered are discussed below.

These tips for ordering premixed concrete can help you avoid project problems and delays.

  • Is the accessible to delivery trucks: the first thing to consider is if the site where you are ordering the premix is accessible. Make sure that the standard concrete truck can easily get on a site. Consider that the truck is driven onto the site without any hindrances such as sewer pipes, storm water drains, pathways, driveways, or patios. In case the site is not accessible, you need to have a concrete pump arranged that can help pass a specially designed concrete mix to pass easily from the pump and pipeline.
  • Concrete placement: The best way to pour concrete is to pour it directly onto the site from where it requires to be used. Always let the supplier know in advance exactly the site where the concrete needs to be poured and the truck needs to be emptied. This favors you as a builder to plan ahead as well as map the manpower required to complete the job.
  • Place order in advance: In order to avoid delays, always order the premixed concrete at least 7 days in advance. This will favor your supplier to have enough time for preparing the right premix concrete as per the requirements placed. It is important to note that premix cement cannot be created at a short notice and delays in the delivery of concrete can cause work delays at the site which can cost extra time and money.
  • Be sure about the concrete quality that you need: Leduc-ready mix concrete cannot be saved for later use. So, it is always important to know how much quantity of concrete you will require. Make sure that the estimations are from on-site measurements and not derived from the drawings. Always factor in the slab thickness, deflection, and uneven/irregular ground levels, while assessing any foreseen wastage and over-excavation.
  • Understand the concrete specifications before ordering: The main aspects of Leduc ready mix concrete quality include strength, slump, and aggregate size. Always consider the concrete specific details wherein always look for minimum required concrete specifications:
    • Strength: factor in the concrete quality basis application and costs that include N20, N25, N32, N40, and N50. For the construction of floor slabs, sheds, and pathways, concrete requires minimum strength of N20, on the other hand, N25 is better suited for the construction of driveways and patios.
    • Slump: Know the fact that the higher the slump the easier to work with whereas a 40mm slum can be relatively stiff to work on. It is always recommended 100mm slump concrete for residential projects.
    • Aggregate size: By default, the aggregate size is usually 20 mm which is also considered the common size and is used across most of the applications, unless required otherwise.
    • Always confirm order details as well as tracking: Before you make the final payment always confirm the details of your order. It is wise to double-check the delivery details that include the arrival time to ensure everything is ready on site so that there are no construction delays. Keep an eye on the order tracking to ensure that things go as planned to avoid any glitches or delays in the project.

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