Things to Keep in Mind while Planning Morocco Luxury Desert Tours

Nothing can be more exciting than going on Sahara desert tours wherein you are to ride camels and sleep under the stars. Definitely, it is a lure to spend a night like a nomad in the middle of nowhere but in no way does compromise luxury or comfort. Morocco Luxury Desert Tours is an incredible experience that has always been on the bucket list of every adventure-seeking traveler. As a matter of fact, many travelers who are planning a visit to Morocco have a Sahara desert visit in their itinerary.

Here in this blog, we will discuss some useful tips that will make your desert tour seamless and free from hiccups. Read on:

  • It is not a 1 day tour: If you are short on time, you need to prioritize your Sahara desert tour since it is going to take 203 days to your travel and explore the open sky beauty in the far-off desert area. The distance from Marrakech to Merzouga is 360 miles which makes it difficult for you to reach the Sahara desert in a one-day trip from Marrakech. You can cut short this trip to 2 days by visiting Zagora dunes as an alternative option.
  • Always pick a reputable tour agency: It is always best to book your Morocco Luxury Desert Tours with a reputed agency to reap the best out of your trip. Some travelers waiting to receive offers in the souks to get cheaper might result in poor services, through scams, upsells, or forced shopping on the trip.
  • Decide on the number of days: This is a very important consideration wherein you have to plan in advance as to how many days you are planning to spend on the desert tour. If you have a less limited budget with limited time, opt for a three-day desert tour which will allow you to spend one night in the desert. You will still have enough time to experience sand-boarding, climb the dunes, camel trekking, and visit the nomad in their house and share a cup of tea with them.
  • Desert essentials to pack: If this is the first time you explore the Sahara desert, you need to keep in mind certain essential tips that you must have in your packing list. Keep a warm jacket handy since the desert turns cooler at night with appropriate shoes for hiking, comfortable pants to ride camels, sunglasses, headscarves, a flashlight to use at night, and required medications.
  • Activities that you are planning to enjoy: first-time travelers are often surprised by the kind of activities and entertainments they explore during Morocco’s luxury desert tours. You can hunt for fossils, explore the great Sahara Desert, and Quad, visit Khamlia and listen to Gnawa music, spend some time in golden dunes by riding camels, or in a 4×4, explore the local market, etc.
  • Group or private tour: This is another important consideration for you as a first-time traveler. If you are traveling solo, going with a group can be a better choice. However, a private trip is recommended in case you are traveling with family and need a personal guide en route.
  • Weather conditions: For morocco luxury desert tours, the best time can is somewhere between May and October when the daytime temperature is bearable. During the months of December and January, the temperature is close to freezing, and in other months, it is hot and humid.

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