Pesticon Ant Control Toronto Debunks Ant Control Myths

Pesticon Ant Control Toronto Debunks Ant Control Myths

You may face an ant infestation in your home and turn to the internet for DIY ant removal solutions. However, the internet also contains loads of misleading information besides helpful content. For the same reason, some people also have many misconceptions about ant control. Pesticon ant control Toronto debunks those myths. 

Besides, we have created this post to let you know about the myths that some people have about ant control. Before discussing those myths, we want you to realize why ants in your Toronto home are not welcoming pests.

Why Are Not Ants Welcoming Pests to Find in Toronto Homes?

You may find ants in your home but won’t bother about having an ant problem at first sight. Nevertheless, a small ant infestation in homes can turn into a large problem in no time with carelessness. Ants may seem like tiny insects, but they can bring several problems with their infestations. 

Firstly, ant infestations are not pleasant for homeowners in Toronto. Besides, you won’t like a trail of ants going in and out of your home in Toronto. Moreover, ants may end up infesting your property from your neighbour’s house in search of food or vice versa.

In addition, you may have ants in your bathroom or infested bins spreading germs around. Further, it may lead ants to disseminate germs to your kitchen cupboards while looking for food. Not to mention, eating ant-contaminated food can cause you and others in your home to catch food-borne diseases. 

Moreover, some ants are even a threat to your property structure. As an example, carpenter ants excavate wood in homes they infest to build their nests. By the same token, they are a threat to property structures. Based on all of the aforementioned information, you can realize why ants in Toronto homes are not welcoming pests.

Pesticon in Toronto Debunks Ant Control Myths

The following are the misconceptions about ant control that Pesticon ant control Toronto debunks:

Myth No. 1: All Ants Damage Homes

When it comes to ants, the majority of ant species are responsible for spreading germs and health problems. However, there are not many ants that can cause damage to homes or structures they infest. We already mentioned carpenter ants that are a threat to structures. 

Besides, carpenter ants are similar to termites when it comes to wood-damaging insects. Yet, the purpose they eat wood is different from termites, that is, building nests rather than feeding on it. 

As an internet user, you may find information online that ants can cause damage to structures. Further, start to think all ants are perilous to property structures. Nevertheless, it is not true, as 99% of ants do not cause damage to property structures or homes, but 1% do. 

Myth No. 2: Ants Are Clean Pests

There are not any insects in the world that you can consider clean. Some insects are inherently dirty, and some are dirty because they walk through dirty areas. As an example, ants feed on rotting food plus pass through areas with urine and dirt. Moreover, they almost do not wash all the dirt they get themselves.

Moreover, dirty ants spread germs or bacteria when they walk out of their colony in lines. By the same token, ant infestations can lead people to food-related diseases in particular, such as E. coli, Shigella, etc.

Myth No. 3: Ants Do Not Infest Clean Spaces

It is true one of the reasons ants infest homes and workplaces is to get the food they need to thrive. It may also lead you to think that ants won’t infest your property if it is clean. However, you are wrong. 

Ants also have other reasons to infest homes than for food only. For example, you may have a clean home with your neighbors facing an ant infestation. It can lead those ants to end up infesting your home.

In addition, ants may seek shelter in your clean home to protect themselves from extreme weather conditions. Still, the chances of an ant infestation are reduced in your home if you clean up spills and food scraps.  

Myth No. 4: Natural Remedies Are Enough to Thwart Ants

Of course, there are natural ant remedies to deter ants, such as cinnamon, diatomaceous earth, and more. These methods may also prove effective when you are not dealing with a serious or large infestation. 

Nevertheless, natural ant control solutions are not going to get rid of a severe ant infestation. By the same token, your best bet to eliminate an infestation in your home is pest control experts. Besides, pest control experts not only completely eliminate ants from infested premises. But also ensure ant infestations do not recur on the premises where they implement ant control treatments.

To Finish

Here is a recap of the four myths that Pesticon ant control in Toronto debunks:

  1. All Ants Damage Homes
  2. Ants Are Clean Pests
  3. Ants Do Not Infest Clean Spaces
  4. Natural Remedies Are Enough to Thwart Ants

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